What foods & supplements contain lactose?

Avoid these foods & supplements with lactose

“That meal just didn’t agree with me,” you may have found yourself saying minutes, or even hours after enjoying a new gustatory delight. A bit of bloating may have developed into abdominal cramps, followed by diarrhea, or sometimes, even vomiting.

You may have been grappling with lactose intolerance – a deficiency of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down the lactose sugars in your gut biome. A slew of research on the importance of gut biome health has been flooding mainstream media lately, helping more people self-diagnose and address this common imbalance.

While lactose is most-commonly found in dairy products, ridding your diet of lactose isn’t synonymous with a dairy free diet. Lactose foods include some you may not expect, like many breads and candies, as well as certain medications and supplements.

Yes, lactose has been hiding in your kitchen all this time.

Once you learn which foods trigger your lactose intolerance reaction, you can conquer your condition by supplementing with lactase enzyme before eating them.

At 9,000 FCC units per capsule, Umbrellux™ LCT before a meal quickly and effectively breaks down the lactose in your gut. So, why wait? Order yours today.

What is lactose?

Lactose is a disaccharide composed of two simple sugars: galactose and glucose. More and more symptom-laden yogurt lovers are asking their healthcare providers: “Does yogurt have lactose?” Yes, lactose is naturally-occurring in yogurt as well as in dairy products like:

  • cow’s & goat’s milk
  • buttermilk
  • cream
  • whipped cream
  • butter
  • milk byproducts
  • whey
  • curds
  • milk solids & milk powder
  • cheese spreads
  • kefir
  • soft cheese
  • hard cheese
  • sherbet
  • ice cream
  • malted milk
  • hot chocolate mixes

Another increasingly common patient inquiry: Is goat cheese lactose free? No, but there is slightly less lactose in goat's milk (9 grams per cup, compared to 12 grams in cow's milk).

These diligent, health conscious patients are thrilled to hear, that, instead of obsessively avoiding lactose, they can simply enable their bodies to process it by supplementing with Umbrellux™ LCT before eating foods containing lactose.

Where else can I find lactose?

Lactose can also be found in products containing whey, casein, rennet casein, casein hydrolysates, and caseinates.

Foods that contain these lactose laden ingredients include:

  • margarine
  • puddings
  • milk chocolate
  • fudges
  • cookies
  • candies
  • cakes
  • custards
  • artificial sweeteners
  • muffins
  • breads
  • pancake mixes
  • waffle mixes
  • biscuits
  • breakfast cereals
  • scrambled eggs
  • quiche
  • drink mixes
  • instant coffee
  • instant soups
  • cheese sauces
  • salad dressings
  • gravies
  • chowders
  • instant potato mixes
  • potato chips
  • nuts
  • processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, and sausages
  • breaded meat, poultry, and fish
  • batter-dipped meat, poultry, and fish
  • creamy liquors

Because it improves their flavor and bioavailability, lactose is also used to manufacture the base of many over-the-counter and prescription medications. These include: over-the-counter gas and stomach acid relievers, vitamins like quick dissolve vitamin D tablets, and birth control pills.

Resolve your deficiency

Not many people are able to avoid all of the foods on this exasperatingly long list of lactose culprits. And now, thanks to the latest gut biome research, they don’t have to.

The most effective lactose management strategy is to enable your body to digest these foods and supplements with ease and delight. Get your symptoms under control with the natural, clinically validated lactase supplement Umbrellux™ LCT. Order your bottle today.