One in five Americans believe they have a food allergy.

Only one in 20 do.

That’s where we come in. We are
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A recent University of Chicago study found that only half of the patients struggling with these symptoms actually have allergies – the other half is just grappling with food intolerance.1 Spanish researchers found that people who believed they were lactose intolerant were more likely to avoid dairy consumption than those actually diagnosed with lactose malabsorption.2 So unnecessary.

At DIEM Labs we’ve been researching symptoms of food intolerance for over a decade to develop our gut-friendly Umbrellux® enzyme products.

Umbrellux® DAO – The original histamine-digesting enzyme supplement

For the estimated one-million-plus Americans who struggle with histamine intolerance there’s patented, clinically-validated Umbrellux® DAO: the only enzyme product on the market that has been shown to break down food-derived histamine in the digestive tract. And because it’s not absorbed and doesn’t have systemic activity Umbrellux® DAO stays in the gut where it belongs.

Umbrellux® LCT – The reliable lactose-digesting enzyme supplement

For the 30% of American adults struggling with lactose intolerance there’s Umbrellux® LCT – which delivers 9,000 FCC units of natural lactase per capsule (as much as Lactaid® but without the sodium citrate, which may cause adverse effects in some users).

When you offer your customers these innovative products you’ll give them the freedom to enjoy food again. Tell them they don't need to give up the foods they love – the fast-acting, clinically validated support of Umbrellux® enzymes can help.

Ready to bring these unique and effective solutions to your store? Just fill out the contact form above or call us at (866) 971-3385 to request your wholesale Umbrellux® agreement today. Free samples, customer education assistance and retailer support options are available. Contact us today and open an umbrella of protection for your dietary intolerance customers.

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