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Umbrellux DAO Provides Solution to Americans Who Thought They Had an Allergy, but Really Suffer from Histamine Intolerance

Ann Arbor, Mich. (Feb. 14, 2019) – Only 10 percent of Americans have food allergies, but according to a new study in JAMA Network Open, almost double the number believe they do. Could the other half really be suffering from histamine intolerance, caused by a DAO deficiency? One simple way to find out, that doesn't require any testing, is by trying Umbrellux DAO enzyme supplements 15 to 30 minutes before eating the suspect food causing the reaction. If symptoms of stuffy or runny nose, itching, sneezing, headaches, hives and watery eyes are alleviated, this could quickly confirm a DAO deficiency.

Experts believe that 5 percent of the U.S. population suffers form histamine intolerance or DAO deficiency. DAO, or diamine oxidase, is one of the major enzyme deficiencies alongside the more familiar lactase deficiency that causes lactose intolerance. Similar to how someone can take a lactase enzyme to aid in the digestion of lactose or the carbohydrate molecule found in dairy, the DAO enzyme can also be taken to neutralize histamine. With food intolerances on the rise, and nearly 20 percent of Americans self-identifying with at least one, supplemental enzymes like lactase and DAO can help people enjoy the food they love.

Histamine occurs naturally in many foods that are good for you, such as, tomatoes, bananas, avocados, eggplant, cheese, nuts, chocolate and fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut. These trigger foods can cause and immediate reaction of flushing, hives, headache, water eyes, or even digestive issues like gas, bloating and diarrhea, if your body is deficient in the DAO enzyme and cannot break down the histamine. Wines, beers and certain liquors also contain histamine and can trigger a reaction and cause the release of even more histamine in the gut. Some people who react to wine often confuse histamine intolerance with being sensitive to sulfites. However, while sulfites can stimulate histamine release, there is no conclusive evidence that they are directly responsible for wine-related reactions. The more likely scenario is that those who react to wine are indeed reacting to histamine. Processed foods also contain a higher amount of histamine, causing many people who eat a typical American diet to be at risk of DAO deficiency as they lack the supply of DAO their body needs to keep high histamine levels balanced.

Medications can also block or reduce the activity of DAO, including aspirin, antihistamines, ibuprofen, fluoxetine (Prozac), ranitidine (Zantac) and sertraline (Zoloft), to name a few. Women may be more affected by DAO deficiency than men as histamine levels are elevated during menstruation. Changes to the digestive system as a person ages can also be a factor by leaving them deficient in the enzyme that breaks down gastric histamine and therefore making them more vulnerable to histamine reactions.

Umbrellux DAO is the only food-grade DAO enzyme currently licensed and sold in the United States outside of doctors’ offices. The patented designed-release formula ensures the delivery of the DAO enzyme to the small intestine where it works with the body’s own DAO to assist in neutralizing histamine. It is recommended to take two Umbrellux DAO capsules 15-30 minutes before a meal, or as directed by your doctor, to protect against reactions that can often be confused with food allergies. A simple test to see if your symptoms are histamine related is to take 1 or 2 Umbrellux DAO, as directed, prior to eating histamine trigger foods. If it eliminates the reaction to the food, you may be DAO deficient. Umbrellux DAO may be taken daily to maintain long-term balance of DAO in your body. Self-evaluation sample kits can be purchased for only $2 online at For more information on DAO deficiencies, visit: