Do Histamines Keep You Awake?


If you're sensitive to histamine, chances are you've spent many restless nights wondering "why am I still awake??" when 3am rolls around. Insomnia is arguably the most dominant symptom among those with a histamine intolerance/DAO deficiency and for many, they may not even realize the cause of their long nights spent tossing and turning.

Histamine and Sleep

The histamine inside of our brain, is the molecule that regulates our sleep, either causing sleeplessness or too much sleep (is there really such a thing?). Histamine is most active when we are awake, and when we sleep it tends to be more active during the phases of sleep that closely resemble "wakefulness". Histamine also has a direct effect on the "clock" that is responsible for keeping our circadian rhythm in check. If our bodies are not synthesizing histamine, it may cause an excessive amount of sleepiness. Having too much histamine in your system can lead to insomnia.

Shut Out The Histamine to Shut Your Eyes

So what can you do to fight back and get some rest? Since digestion triggers the release of histamine, It's best to avoid consuming histamine-rich food or beverages later in the day. Not having all that excess histamine floating around your body may lead to a better nights sleep. You can also take one capsule of Umbrellux DAO 15-20 minutes before consuming any of those tasty histamine-rich late dinners/night-time snacks to fight off insomnia and the other adverse effects of excess histamine. Sweet dreams!