How to use Umbrellux DAO to successfully resolve histamine intolerance

Resolve Histmaine Imbalance

Sneezing fits. Eczema rashes. Waves of nausea. Brain fog moments. What do they all have in common? Histamine – more specifically, excessive amounts of histamine.

Histamine is a biochemical released by your mast cells, which triggers your white blood cells to attack potential invaders. It stimulates histamine inflammation, contracting your smooth muscles and dilating your capillaries. On top of your body’s natural supply, you ingest exogenous histamine when you eat certain foods like nuts, aged cheese, cured meats, alcohol, fermented vegetables, and chocolate.

When the food is tasty and nutritious, your histamine levels can rise quickly.

Normally, the diamine oxidase (DAO) in your small intestine breaks down histamine molecules so your body can process and dispose of it. But when you have too much histamine or too little DAO enzyme (histamine intolerance), the histamine-rich foods you eat can’t be broken down. That’s when you start suffering inflammation, digestive discomfort, and various allergy-like symptoms.

Enter Umbrellux DAO from Diem Direct.

This oral supplement delivers DAO directly to your small intestine to replenish your supply and to resolve the histamine intolerance triggered by the histamine-rich foods you eat. Unlike pharmaceutical solutions, DAO supplementation combats not only your allergy-like symptoms but the root cause behind them: your deactivated DAO enzyme.

Umbrellux DAO is the only product currently available that contains actual diamine oxidase enzymes (DAO). Other herbal products on the market may help reduce blood histamine levels, but only Umbrellux DAO works in the gut to stop the release of histamine from the foods you eat, so it never even reaches your bloodstream.

Don’t let a little imbalance disrupt your gustatory delight. Diem Direct produces clinically validated, easy-to-take enzymes that can get your digestion back on track. Order Umbrellux today.

How to reduce histamine in the body with DAO supplements

When you supplement with UmbrelluxTM DAO, you’re targeting the histamine in foods like wine, tree nuts, chocolates, vinegar, fermented vegetables, shellfish, bananas, tomatoes, eggplants, fermented vegetables and sauces, aged cheese, and cured processed meats.

UmbrelluxTM DAO is free of these foods, as well as gluten, wheat, fish, eggs, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. It’s a porcine kidney protein based enzyme that is activated immediately upon ingestion. Once it’s delivered to your gut (small intestine), UmbrelluxTM DAO stays there, preventing the release of exogenous histamine from entering your bloodstream.

It’s the most potent diamine oxidase supplement ever manufactured – 10,000 HDUs active enzymes per capsule, while other products contain 5,000 HDU or even less.

To achieve the most effective histamine balance and symptom relief, take one capsule 20 minutes before beginning a meal. It helps you digest foods that arrive in your gut. If you take it prior to eating, you’ll ensure that your DAO enzyme reaches your gut before any food arrives.

As you enjoy your favorite healthy foods, this clinically validated supplement will:

  • activate the ilium and jejunum areas of your small intestine
  • replenish the DAO in your thymus, kidneys, and placenta
  • break down your histamine (oxidative deamination)
  • clear up your symptoms
  • allow you to excrete the broken-down byproducts via urine

As an added benefit, using Umbrellux DAO to control the amount of histamine released in your gut decreases your overall histamine load, and may relieve some of your seasonal environmental allergy symptoms.

If you’re taking other medications, consult with your healthcare provider to avoid contraindications and get the most out of your Umbrellux DAO supplementation therapy.

Correct your histamine intolerance today

You don’t have to struggle with disruptive sneezing, itchy rashes, and digestive discomfort. DIEM Direct has researched for years to create the only authentic DAO enzyme on the market. Umbrellux DAO is your first-line defense for histamine generated by your meals. The best histamine intolerance treatment is just a click away. Order your bottle today.