How does Umbrellux DAO correct a histamine imbalance?

Correcting Histamine Imbalance

Have you ever had a sneezing fit, mid-sentence, in the middle of what seemed like a lovely lunch? Was it followed by rash, red watery eyes, swelling, itching, and even nausea or brain fog?

You’re probably struggling with a histamine imbalance.

Histamine is one of many biogenic amines – biochemicals produced through the metabolism of amino acids – in all living organisms. It’s found in your stomach, lungs and skin mast cells (specialized white cells). It’s also plentiful in many fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meats. After these healthy foods have been aged or fermented, however, their histamine levels increase – as does your risk of histamine-induced immune response.

Your sneezing and swelling are just your body’s reaction to an overflow of histamine. The food you eat activates your mast cells, causing your blood vessels to dilate. Then, they release inflammatory mediators like histamine, which signal your white blood cells to attack the detected invader (whether it’s bacteria, toxins, or whiskey cured beef). When histamine overreacts to this invasion, your skin, gut and head swell up and itch.

This is when your small intestine, with its DAO enzyme, is supposed to take over to stop the histamine flood. DAO (diamine oxidase) breaks down excessive histamine molecules so they can’t build up and overflow – and so you can enjoy your favorite tasty and healthy histamine-rich foods. However, your biochemical balance (and your puffy redness) aren’t always so easy to control if your body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme.

Diem Direct researchers have figured out how to reduce histamine in the body – with Umbrellux DAO Supplement. This supplement gives your histamine-fighting enzyme a boost right when you need it. Imbalance does not have to lead to dysfunction. Order Umbrellux DAO

Time to clean out your old medicine cabinet

When the runny nose, swelling, rash, and brain fog hits, your knee jerk reaction may be to reach for traditional symptom stoppers, like antihistamines. Everyone’s probably taken Benadryl for histamine rash, Allegra for itching, Claritin for hives, or Zyrtec for hives at some point. But these pharmaceuticals merely stifle your symptoms – they don’t address your root enzyme deficiency.

And in the long term, they’ve also been shown to have anticholinergic effects – they block the activity of natural acetylcholine messengers in your brain. These neurotransmitters help regulate learning, memory, and muscle contraction. Multiple studies in various countries have indicated that drugs with anticholinergic effects may increase the risk of cognitive decline and dementia – the greater your dose and duration, the greater your risk. Also, these drugs become less effective after just 3 weeks of daily use.

Doctors are also fond of prescribing nasal corticosteroids like Flonase, Nasonex, Nasacort, and Rhinocort Aqua, which signal your cells to stop making histamine. But at what cost? Potential side effects of long term use include burning, bloody mucus, shortness of breath, and blindness!

Umbrellux DAO targets the root cause behind your symptoms

Instead of blocking natural body processes, Umbrellux DAO enhances them. This porcine kidney protein based enzyme targets your dietary histamine to prevent painful, annoying reactions and digestive discomfort.

Whether it’s a genetic DAO enzyme deficiency or a bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) in your small intestine that’s generating your histamine glut, you must revive your deactivated DAO or suffer the nasty consequences.

When you take Umbrellux DAO as prescribed, you stimulate efficient degradation of biogenic amines ingested with your food (exogenous histamine). Umbrellux DAO enters your small intestine and is immediately activated in the ilium and jejunum areas. It also supplements the DAO in your kidney, thymus and placenta. Once the flood of histamine is halted, so are your disruptive symptoms. So you can again enjoy your favorite alcohol, canned seafood, aged cheese, smoked meats, chocolate, fermented vegetables, legumes and nuts.

Correct your histamine imbalance today

No need to google “how to cure rashes on face naturally” or seek out exotic essential oils for hives. Replenish your DAO enzyme levels so they’re functioning at optimal capacity, then enjoy all the tasty, healthy foods you want. ORDER patented, clinically-validated Umbrellux DAO online today