How Can Umbrellux LCT Resolve My Lactose Intolerance?

Umbrellux LCT lactase breaks down lactose

Lactose intolerance in the U.S. seems to be more common every year. In fact, the National Diseases Information Clearinghouse estimates that between 30 and 50 million of us suffer from it to some degree.

It may be hard to believe that such a basic malfunction – the inability to digest the lactose sugar found in milk – can cause such profound discomfort. Gassy bloating, stomach cramps, and for some, even diarrhea and vomiting, are constant reminders that they’ve consumed lactose-laden foods.

How long do lactose intolerance symptoms last? Times vary depending on age, genetics, and general health, as well as the type and amount of lactose ingested, but most lactose intolerant people suffer symptoms within 30 minutes to 2 hours of ingesting lactose.

So many of them believe they must simply avoid foods high in lactose – foods that offer flavorful nutrition. But that lactose intolerance diet is far from your only option. Lactose intolerance pills of questionable quality and origin abound online and at your local drug store, but if you’re serious about resolving your digestive dilemma do your research.

Not all lactase supplements are naturally-source, clinically validated and time-tested. Umbrellux™ LCT is. Just one capsule provides your digestive tract with the lactase enzyme you need to break down lactose effectively for up to an hour.

Why sacrifice the nutritious foods you enjoy when you can simply supply your gut with the lactase that it needs to digest them? Order your supply of Umbrellux™ LCT and prepare for your next culinary adventure.

Foods you can enjoy again after taking Umbrellux™

Milk, cheese and ice cream are the most obvious culprits causing your symptoms. However, while you’re busy shopping and meal prepping remember, lactose can be hiding in places you may least expect it:

  • scrambled eggs
  • drink mixes
  • potato chips
  • nuts
  • batter-dipped meats
  • frozen meals
  • quick dissolve vitamin D tablets
  • birth control pills

How does the lactase in Umbrellux™ LCT break down lactose?

Lactase is an enzyme produced in the small intestine. It attaches to lactose – a double sugar – breaking it down into galactose and glucose, so that both can be absorbed by the body. In a lactase deficient gut, however, bacteria is forced to break down the lactose into short-chain fatty acids and gas.

Each time you take your Umbrellux™ LCT 90 mg capsule – which contains 9,000 FCC units of stabilized natural lactase – it beats bacteria to the job site and efficiently breaks down the lactose you ingest.

The capsule is simple to swallow and easily digestible. Umbrellux™ LCT ingredients cause no interactions or side effects, and are free of:

  • tree nuts
  • peanuts
  • milk and dairy
  • eggs
  • soy
  • yeast
  • shellfish
  • fish
  • artificial colors and flavors
  • preservatives

It took DIEM Labs researchers many years to perfect and test the formula before bringing it right to your online ordering fingertips.

Order today

One Umbrellux™ LCT capsule works for up to an hour – allowing you to enjoy whatever menu intrigues you. Plan ahead, and order your 6 month supply of lactase enzyme supplement today.