Histamine and Anxiety


It seems we are all haunted by generalized anxiety in one way or another. There's no getting around it. Being a specter in the back of our mind and taking form in an infinite amount of ways; different from one individual to another; all with their own root cause. Have you ever considered that what you eat could be the cause?

Is Histamine to Blame?

As our bodies begin to break down the histamine found in the foods we ingest, it causes our blood vessels to widen. With less resistance to our hearts, our blood pressure may drop and may trigger the cardiovascular system to increase our heart rate (tachycardia). This may cause the terrifying feeling of tremendous anxiety or panic attack due to the perceived threat our bodies are enduring. Despite the feeling of impending doom, you should always try to remain calm. Compared to an anaphylactic reaction, a histamine reaction alone will never result in death, even without treatment.

Axing the Anxiety

In 2001, Dr. Janice Joneja, who is considered one of the leading experts in the area of biochemical and immunological reactions involved in food allergies and intolerance, published the paper, Outcome of a Histamine Restricted Diet Based On Chart Audit. According to the results found in her study, 100% of the subjects showed significant improvement or were completed resolved of panic attack/anxiety symptoms after following a histamine restricted diet.

Another way to reduce the amount of dietary histamine being released during digestion, you can take 1-2 Umbrellux DAO, 15-20 minutes before consuming any histamine rich food or beverages. DAO supplements are designed to improve the breakdown of histamine within the digestive tract which will reduce the body’s total amount of histamine providing relief to those who may be suffering anxiety symptoms caused by a sensitivity to excess histamine.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that 40 million adults (Age 18 and older) suffer from symptoms of anxiety. It's interesting to wonder how many of those individuals may be suffering from histamine intolerance and how a simple change in diet may open to them a whole new world.